Our story

The art gallery Liquor Vitae was founded in 1979 by its current director Pietro Vocale. Among the first cultural activities taken by the studio were researches about history and traditions of Capitanata, an area in the south of Italy, around San Severo.

A permanent exhibition of popular costumes was set up. In the years, many other cultural initiatives would follow. Between those stand out an exhibition about autographs, business cards, posters, cartography, books and newspapers of Capitanata.

Very soon Liquor Vitae attracts more attention by proposing exhibition of local, national and even international interest.

In its first location it would showcase artworks by important contemporary avantguardists, including some from the Italian Transavanguardia and the French Figuration Libre. Other shows included artworks from Beuys, Rainer, Nitsch, Stout, Mosbacher, Del Re, Dorazio, Del Pezzo, etc. Together with fellow citizen and artist Teo de Palma, whom exposed multiple times in our studio, we produced an illustrated research on profane and religious myths from the south of Italy. The collection of etchings was named Between Myth and History (Tra Mito e Storia), with a opening preface by Alfonso M.Di Nola (1981).

In 1982 the studio Liquor Vitae premiers the installation "Homo, Hominis, Homini (il palcoscenico in gabbia col quotidiano)", directed by the art historian Prof. Gaetano Mongelli, with participation from artists Teo de Palma, Giovanni Di Capua and Aldo Sabatino.

Together with the local municipal library, we published a wide reportage about periodicals of San Severo and Capitanata (1981).

In the last years, the temporary exhibitions have been suspended while finding new spaces. In our studio, a permanent exhibition of paintings and selected artworks from 1500 to 1950 is currently open for public. It features many items selected from inheritances of families from the south of Italy.

A particular interest in photography is evident in few initiatives programmed in the years, such as the exhibition of Wilhelm von Gloeden and Wilhelm von Pluschow, and more recently with the exhibition of the work of Ignazio d’Anzeo, premiered in Carpino (Gargano) in the summer of 1999.

Our cultural initiatives have been followed and featured by many local publications. We'd like to thank La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno (Bari), Il Gargano Nuovo (Vico G.co), Il Centro (Lucera), L’Esopo (Milano), Puglia (Bari), Il Fauno (Firenze), Il Gazzettino Dauno (Foggia), Segno (Pescara), Il Tempo (Roma), Il Giornale dell’Arte (Torino), L’Espresso (Roma), Qui Foggia (Foggia), Perimetro (Potenza), Tele Blu (Foggia), Protagonisti (Foggia), Enkomion (Cassano M.), etc.